Big Shots Entertainment Sports Bar and Grill, Inc.

Unauthorized showing of an Alabama Crimson Tide vs.Tennessee Volunteers football game in a commercial establishment. Costing the Bar $7,225.15.

Big Shots

Member of Hacking Group Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison

A member of the SwaggSec hacking group was sentenced today to three years in federal prison for participating in a series of computer attacks that compromised computer systems at DIRECTV, Farmers Insurance and the Los Angeles Department of Public Works.

SwaggSec sent 034

Utilization of a Residential Account in a Commercial Establishment

Default judgment in favor of DIRECTV in the amount of $28,062.15.  A residential receiver was moved to a business establishment to view unauthorized sports programming.

Mudea’s Soul Food

Unauthorized Distribution of DIRECTV Satellite Television Programming to Thousands of Viewers

Defendant Sky Cable knowingly collected programming revenue from more than 2000 subscriber units at the Massanutten Resort while reporting to DIRECTV the provision of services to only 168 units.  The court granted judgement in favor of DIRECTV in the amount of $2,393,000 plus interest.

Sky Cable

Alicia’s Mexican Grille 3 Pays DIRECTV Over $45k

Defendants willfully received and displayed DIRECTV satellite programming to the public for commercial benefit or financial gain without obtaining valid commercial exhibition rights.

Alicias Mexican Grille 3